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Welcome to ABT Edits 

On this site you will find information about the document- and website-editing services ABT Edits offers for academic, business, and technical publications.


If you have an important document or website that must be free of language errors, meet particular publishing and style standards, and that must be clear, consistent, and unambiguous, then you may well need the services of a professional copy-editor or a proofreader.


Copy-editing – the editor concentrates on improving the accuracy and consistency of language and style, rather than on the document’s structure, appearance, or layout.

Substantive editing – as well as improving the accuracy and consistency of language and style of the document, the editor makes or suggests changes to the document’s content, structure, language, and layout so that it meets the purpose of the publication or the website and meets the needs of its readers.

Proofreading – this is the very last check of your document to make sure that no mistakes have been missed and that the document is ready for printing or publishing. A proofreader makes no changes to the document.

(Proofreading is not the same as copy-editing.)

Types of document

Documents you might want copy-edited or proofread:


•  academic papers, dissertations, and theses

•  business reports, websites, policies, business processes

and procedures, compliance documents, and marketing material

•  technical reports, manufacturing or field processes and procedures

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