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Services and rates

Copy-editing - £24 per 1000 words for 'straight' copy-editing

'Straight' copy-editing means editing the text in your document – it does not include formatting graphics or tables, or formatting your document according to a given style sheet, including restructuring the document, applying Word styles, numbering etc.  You receive back a fully edited version of your MS Word document that shows all the suggested changes, as well as the editor's comments and queries. You can then accept or reject the suggested changes.


Additional work - £24 per hour

Additional work such as editing or formatting graphics, charts and tables, applying styles and creating tables of contents, or checking the formatting of citations and references, is charged at an hourly rate, and added to the editing costs shown above.

Deep or substantive editing - from £250 to £325 per day

If your content needs 'deep editing'  such as restructuring or extensive rewriting – then a flat daily rate applies.

Supporting reference books, style guides, and language standards

  • Oxford English Dictionary (UK)

  • New Hart's Rules (UK)

  • Oxford Style Manual (UK)

  • Butcher’s Copy-editing (UK)

  • Fowler’s Modern English Usage (UK)

•  Merriam-Webster Dictionary (US)

•  Chicago Manual of Style (US)

•  The Elements of Style (US)

•  DQTI (IBM standard)

•  Style Manual for authors, editors and printers (Australia)

•  Australian standards for editing practice (IPEd)

•  Plain English

•  Simplified Technical English (STE)

•  Information Mapping®

•  Minimalism

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